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Gaming capital Novska

Gaming capital Novska

Novska - gaming industry in Europe

The PISMO 2020 business incubator was named the best in Europe. The huge potential has interested even Hollywood producer and digital investor Christopher Petzel, who wants to improve the Incubator and to become a "big dream in a small town". He says that we have very educated people focused on the development of technology and that Croatia has a long history of the film industry but also experience in creating good stories, and when the two come together you get a good video game.

There are 6 simulators in the incubator that open all the senses, real and virtual.

In the last two years, 25 million HRK has been invested in the incubator. It provides users with numerous educations, consultations and exchange of experiences.

In 2022, there are plans to build a 350 million worth of campus for video game competitions, which could turn Novska into a European gaming center. This unique project will be the first Croatian campus of the gaming industry - unique in this part of Europe. It will provide future IT students with all the opportunities to one day be top in the gaming industry, which is constantly on the rise and where the invested funds return many times over. The campus will be a complex of several buildings and will cover 8 hectares, with a student dormitory to accommodate 250 users on 11,500 square meters, a faculty building with about 9,000 square meters of gross area, accommodation for professors and guest lecturers, gaming industry accelerator and entrepreneurial an eSport incubator with a 4,000-seat hall. The accelerator of the gaming industry will include a recording studio, meeting rooms and a hall with new gaming equipment, where high school students and everyone else interested in the industry will be able to be educated and trained. The space that will dominate the space resembles a space flying object with 4,000 thousand seats for spectators and a space for gaming competitions.

We can freely say that the campus is an upgrade and expansion of the educational spectrum that is already underway, starting with kindergarten and high school.


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