Chef's Stage - International Gastro Conference in Šibenik

Chef's Stage - International Gastro Conference in Šibenik

On Monday and Tuesday, 18th and 19th March, Šibenik will become the main gastronomic center of the world. 95 domestic and foreign chefs, 45 domestic and foreign journalists and fooedies from all over the world will be part of the largest regional gastronomic conference - Chef's Stage.

The event starts on Monday at 10:30 on Barone's Fortress, followed by Marendin, which will be, among other things, performed by famous Ivan Pažanin.

Through interesting masterclasses, panel discussions and six impressive gala dinners, the best chefs will present their dishes and point out the importance of local food sustainability.

Rudi Štefan, owner of Pelegrini, the best restaurant in Croatia, is responsible for organizing this event. He points out that Croatia has top-quality foods, so he has decided to introduce Croatia as the top gastronomic destination at several locations in Šibenik.

This year's Masterclass theme is "baklava" on Visovac, trout on Krka, and daily catch and mussels on ship, while gala dinners will take place in Pelegrini, St. Krševan Gallery and Šibenik Theater.

Thirty winemakers will also be participating at Chef's Stage, and all workshops and panels will be held in Solaris.

Award of 'Be a Foodie' scholarship

Among other things, on Tuesday will be announced the winner of the "Be a Foodie" scholarship for one of the best gastro universities in the world such as Cordon Bleu, Intrecci and Ferrandi.

The winner will have to come back to Croatia again after education and work here for at least two years and transfer the knowledge and experience he has acquired during his education.

This gastro event connects chefs, hoteliers, caterers, producers, journalists and all those in love with gastronomy who want to share experiences and ideas and acquire new knowledge and skills.

Last year the event counted as many as 400 participants, and the number of participants was limited for each part of the program. All details, as well as the price and availability of tickets for this spectacular gastro event can be checked on

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