8. Adria Advent Marathon

8. Adria Advent Marathon

It is the only professional international marathon and semi-marathon race in Europe that run near the shore. The marathon which is popular among runners and visitors, is held on Sunday 2.12. in Crikvenica.

It is one of the three official marathons in Croatia, and it is organized according to IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) and the results of the marathon are recognized by the Croatian Athletics Association.

The first marathon is organized 8 years ago, in 2011. and since then the number of runners has been growing steadily. n the first year, 364 runners from 6 countries participated in the marathon, 2012, the marathon ran 548 runners from 9 countries, in 2013 719 runners from 17 countries participated, and the marathon ran nearly 1,000 runners. The Adriatic Advent Marathon runs along the coastal trails of Crikvenica, Dramalj and Selce and part of Vinodol municipality, with the start and the finish in the center of Crikvenica. This year, Adria Advent Marathon is expecting a record number of runners from twenty countries on three different races: - marathon at 42,125 km - semi marathon at 21 km - citizen race at 5 km

Numerous prominent marathons from Croatia and abroad, as well as numerous recreational and local athletes and citizens participate in Adria Advent Marathon.

Is there a better destination than Crikvenica to be a meeting point for health, tourism and knowledge, just in the year when it celebrates 130 years of organized tourism?




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