What will Croatian euro coins look like

What will Croatian euro coins look like

Unlike the euro banknotes, which are the same in all euro area members, the euro and cent coin carries the information of the issuing country and shows the national symbols of that country on the reverse. The choice of motifs is especially important because coins with motifs that symbolize Croatia will be used outside its borders.

By July 15, over 50,000 citizens had participated in the selection of motifs on the national side of euro coins through a survey. The proposed motifs were: chessboard, geographical map of Croatia, kuna, Glagolitic alphabet, Dubrovnik, Nikola Tesla, Dalmatian dog, Vrančić's Homo volans (parachute drawing) and King Tomislav. The chessboard as a motif will be a common base on all coins, and other motifs on denominations will be arranged as follows: on a 2 euro coin will be shown a geographical map of Croatia, on 1 euro kuna motif, on 50, 20 and 10 cents Nikola Tesla, and on one, two and five cents, there will be a Glagolitic motif.

Based on the selected motives, the Croatian National Bank will announce an open tender at the beginning of August for the development of a conceptual design (graphic presentation) of the national side of the euro coin.

Nikola Tesla, a genius from Smiljan, an inventor and visionary who would celebrate his 165th birthday this year, an inventor who turned our night into a day, thanks to which we enjoy electricity and light today, but also hundreds of other inventions, will be on the EU coin. On the occasion of his birth anniversary, but also the 15th birthday of the Memorial Center in his hometown of Smiljan, visitors were able to experience first-hand the wireless transmission of electricity. Tesla's birthday was also celebrated in Gospić at three locations in the city. Among them is a newly built square with his name on which citizens could enjoy interactive games of light, a light harp, a labyrinth, a school and the performance of two popular DJs.

This is a unique opportunity for Croatia to tell its part about Tesla and perhaps the most massive medium that Croatia can use for free for its promotion.



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