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Summer on the hot Zagreb asphalt

Summer on the hot Zagreb asphalt

The tourist season is not only successful on the coast. Our capital is not bypassed by tourists. Once just a passing and possible destination in transit to the coast, today a city for a mandatory multi-day visit.

The city of Zagreb, like few others, is intertwined with beautiful parks. They take you on a journey into the past. They are a refuge from the heat. They are your respite between two encounters.

In summer, Zagreb lives intensively, on the streets and squares, on the art scenes. Enjoy the evening in its romantic relaxation. Feel the crazy rhythms in Zagreb's summer evenings. Zagreb is a city of urban sounds and summer rhythms, in the very center of the city or in nearby green oases.

You will enjoy festivals and concerts here, remember what it is like to watch movies under the starry sky. Interesting art exhibitions and festivals are held on the streets of Zagreb for you. This summer, Zagreb's streets and squares have become an ideal and completely safe backdrop for many attractive social, musical and artistic events. Zagreb continues the summer tradition and in the warmest days of the year offers its visitors and citizens numerous facilities for a vacation from business obligations and an escape from the heat. City streets and squares have come to life, and the liveliness of the city is felt in every corner of it. Whether you just want to relax in the shade of the park, have a refreshing drink in the company of colleagues after a hard day's work, visit a cultural or musical event or have fun in the wee hours of the evening, there are a handful of choices.

One of the most popular summer events in Zagreb is Summer on the Stross, but Zagreb offers a handful of events: Summer at Tesla, Dvorište, Zagreb Flag Festival, Cest is d'Best, Summer on the Sava River - Green River Fest, Zagreb Histrionic Summer, Summer Exit Theater nights, Summer near Matoš, Zagreb Beer Fest, Food Truck Festival, Baš Naš Festival.

The craft beer label of the local brewery Medvedgrad, an illustration by Vedran Klemens, also speaks volumes about how summer is in Zagreb.

Indulge in the summer atmosphere and relax to the unique rhythm of the city.

 Vedran Klemens


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