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Croatian food! Top 10 dishes of Dalmatian Cuisine

Croatian food! Top 10 dishes of Dalmatian Cuisine

Must eat in Croatia! Croatian food! Dalmatian cuisine is a flawlees blend of the past and the modern times. Simple and widely available ingredients are masterly combined into healthy, filling and utterly delicious dishes.

Must eat in Croatia, did you eat any of those food below?

1. Black risotto

This authentic and world renowed dish got its name from the squid ink which paints it a jet black color. Despite the minimalist appearance, every bite is the best of both worlds, freshly caught cuttlefish and aromatic olive oil from the rocky shores.

2. Brudet

A sea stew made with fish and all sorts of seafood, also enriched with quality wine -it's so good there will be not one drop left. Although simple in ingredients, its preparation is a secret well kept, passed on from father to son.

3. Dirty makaruni

Dirty makaruni date back to the time doges ruled over Dubrovnik. This unusual name refers to beef sauce that only smears the makaruni, homemade pasta which every nona (grandma) knows how to make.

4. Prosciutto

Certainly one of the trademarks of Croatia, particulary Dalmatia, is dry-cured pork. It takes at least a year for the cold north-eastern wind bura to cure the meat, which is then thinly sliced. A delicacy that takes long to make and disappears in mere seconds.

5. Oysters and mussels

Seafood is well represented in Mediterranean cuisine, but rarely so widely recognized as malostonian oysters and mussels. Served immediately after being removed from the sea and enriched with lemon juice alone, they are equally adored among locals and tourists.

6. Soparnik

Two layers of thin dough and a filling of swiss chard, parsley and garlic, ingredients available even to the poor. This is the first Croatian dish that earned the status of cultural heritage.The recipe from the Dalmatian hinterland that has not changed since the Turks' rule is worth a try.

7. Pag Island Cheese

With its unrivaled quality, it has defeated all world competition. Sheep from Pag are on a diet which consists of aromatic Dalmatian herbs which bura sprinkled with sea salt. The cheese is produced exclusively from their milk.

8. Pašticada

Although the coastal region is famous for fish dishes, the Dalmatians are also experts in preparing meat. It all begins with marinated beef stuffed with carrots and bacon, doused with wine and then cooked for at least a quarter of a day. This staple Dalmatian specialty sometimes takes three days to prepare, so it is reserved for special occasions.

9. Grilled fish

In all the taverns on the Dalmatian coast an inevitable part of the menu is freshly caught fish. Less is more, so it's paired with only the basic spices and omnipresent homemade olive oil.

10. Peka

Peka is a traditional cooking method used to prepare mostly octopus and lamb under a cast-iron dome covered with live embers. Food spiced with classic Dalmatian herbs like rosemary and sage is slowly roasted and due to it being covered the entire time it retains all its flavors and aromas.

Do not leave the region of Dalmatia without eat its culinary specialties.

We bring you an infographic on how to make an octopus under the baking lid, based on a recipe given to us by Ivan Pažanin for Sail Croatia

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