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Coronavirus summer: sea or pools

Coronavirus summer: sea or pools

Coronavirus summer, for sure, will be different from those we are used to.

With spring warmer days and the loosening of measures, everyone wonders if they can swim in the sea this summer. More specifically, is corona, like some other viruses, transmitted in the sea and in pools?

Epidemiologists say the virus is relatively large for viruses and prone to external factors. This means that there is no good chance of survival in the sea, but with very large and strict measures and special rules of conduct.

But, if you don't feel safe enough in the sea, there is an alternative. And totally safe, and these are the pools. Due to the chemicals used for pool water, it is not a source of infection, and chlorine is definitely sufficient to inactivate the virus. The World Health Organization's guidance is that chlorination levels should be 15 mg / l, or slightly higher than usual. Of course, visitors must take a shower before using the pool and follow the necessary hygiene precautions when visiting public places to help reduce the risk of infection.

It seems that if this epidemiological situation continues, the summer and tourist season will still not be ruined and you will surely be able to enjoy the summer joys of at least the swimming pools.

We suggest you a water park in the municipality of Brtonigla in Istria near Novigrad, which was proclaimed the 2nd best water park in Europe and the 6th in the world by the choice of travelers of the tourist web portal Tripadvisor in 2018.

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