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Aquapark - Istralandia, Brtonigla, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 13.6183
  • Latitude 45.347
  • Publicaton date 08. July 2015.


16o C 72% 1011 hPa

Thanks to our camera you can watch live happenings in the most entertaining water park in Istria and the largest in Croatia. It is located in a beautiful wooded environment on the northernmost part of the Istrian peninsula and it is an ideal destination to spend a whole day of enjoyment and unforgettable entertainment.

The water park consists of 20 different sized water slides, 1.6 km of water pipes and a hydromassage pool for adults. It is especially attractive because of its pool with artificial waves, which, due to its 2500 square meters area, is the largest swimming pool of this kind in the Mediterranean.

For the youngest guests there is a large children's pool decorated so that it will impress every little kid.

There are also held various thematic activities, accompanied by always smiling animators. Within the water park there are many catering facilities with a rich offer of menus for everyone; from healthy meals, salads and fruit to burgers and grilled meats.

Swim in the most entertaining water of Istria, come to Aquapark Istralandia!


Brtonigla is located in the northwest part of the Istrian peninsula. This is a place where you will be able to hear the singing of nightingales and crickets, but it is also a place where you will hear different languages.

In Brtonigla you will have the chance to enjoy a fantastic holiday but also to visit numerous natural and cultural sights, so you absolutely have to visit the Nature Park Škarline with a little rill and the green canyon, the Mramornica cave as well as the church of St. Zenon and Gallery of Aleksandar Rukavina.

Just like other Istrian places, Brtonigla has an interesting past that is attested by different traces of centuries-old culture.

Brtonigla is an extremely attractive tourist destination, so it's not strange that there is one of the best camps in Croatia "Park Umag". Also, there is the famous Istralandia water park, which has the title of the second best aquapark in Europe. It is a truly amazing aquapark that offers attractions for both old and young.

People from Brtonigla mainly deal with agriculture, so it is a place rich in various agricultural products such as wine, olives, vegetables, aromatic plants, as well as cheese, fish, meat, truffle, Istrian prosciutto ... It is often said that Brtonigla is laying on „four grounds“ because all sorts of grounds are mixed there.

The best way to discover everything about Brtonigla are the traditional folk festivals. All the choco-lovers and lovers of fine wines will enjoy the Choco & Wine Festival, which is held every year in February. And for quality wine lovers, there is another festival in June - the Istrian Malvasia Festival. If you want to return to the ancient past, in the age of old crafts and experience the spirit of life in that time, be part of the event "In the colors of tradition" that will take place in July. In August, there is a feast of St. Roko and October is intended for all mushroom lovers who will enjoy the Day of Mushrooms, one of the largest autumn manifestations in Istria.

The richness of natural beauty, cultural and historical sights, various festivals, feasts, and interesting fun content for all ages are a good reason to visit Brtonigla. Every corner, every attraction, every taste and every scene of this truly special place will impress you. Come and see it, come and feel it!

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