Zagreb celebrates his birthday

Zagreb celebrates his birthday

Have fun at different locations on the City Day of Zagreb

The City Day of Zagreb and its heavenly patron saint of the Mother of God from the Stone Gate is celebrated on May 31.

This year's celebration of Mother of God from the Stone Gate will take place today, and the celebration, as usually, will commence with the Eucharist mass at the Zagreb Cathedral at 7 pm. After the mass begins a procession bearing the statue of Mother of God from the Cathedral to the Stone Gate. You will be able to watch live stream of the part of the procession that will go to Ban Jelačić Square via our webcams.

Along with a number of attractive events, concerts, exhibitions, tourist attractions, occasional shift of the guard by Kravat regiment there will be organized a free Zagreb sightseeing tour by ZET touristic bus.

Enjoy all the events this weekend which Zagreb offers!

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