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The Lokrum Botanical Garden will welcome visitors in a new outfit

The Lokrum Botanical Garden will welcome visitors in a new outfit

Lokrum Island did not sleep during the winter, it was well worth the work . While there are no guests on the island, promenades and most of all a botanical garden has been renovated. The botanical garden restoration project launched by the Lokrum Reservation Public Institution in October last year has now been successfully completed, thus revitalizing this island trademark.

Although the opening ceremony of Lokrum Island for visitors due to the worldwide pandemic caused by the Crown Virus was delayed this year, the project was successfully and on time completed.

This paradise on earth will welcome its visitors in a new outfit in the new season. The existing paths were arranged about 725 meters long, damaged plant material was removed and 195 new plant species were planted with a total of 1466 seedlings in 13 fields in the garden. Also, new urban equipment - benches, information and interpretation panels, entry portal - was put down.

The Botanical Garden on Lokrum Island was established in the 1960s with the aim of monitoring the adaptation of exotic plants in the conditions of our climate as a kind of scientific experimental area. The termination of this research was also one of the reasons for the extinction of plants in the Botanical Garden. The revitalization of the Botanical Garden is one of the capital projects, with the Benedictine Convent, the hydrant network and the restoration of Fort Royal. The project provides an increase in the number of educated and informed visitors about the role and importance of forest ecosystems, as well as providing information on families and types of plant material in the area of the Botanical Garden and the entire reservation. The goal is to bring the Botanical Garden closer to visitors, especially in educational terms. In the central part of the garden, a kind of amphitheater was made as a meeting point for a group of visitors and expert guides, from where they will embark on a further tour of the botanical garden. The basic and strategic idea behind the revitalization of the Botanical Garden is to bring back native species and - citrus fruits!

After isolation, the Botanical Garden will become a favorite spot of Dubrovnik and all visitors to Lokrum Island, eager to enjoy the beauty of nature.


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