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Luxury cruise ship in the port of Rijeka

Luxury cruise ship in the port of Rijeka

For the first time, a luxury cruise ship that brought thousands of tourists to Rijeka, the tourist ship AIDAblu, arrived in the port of Rijeka.

AIDAblu is a cruise ship that will round off this cruising year on November 14 in Rijeka and will be the last to sail into the port of Rijeka in this tourist season.More than 20,000 tourists arrived in Rijeka on cruise ships this year, and according to announcements for the second year, we are expecting an even better and more numerous cruising year.

This luxury cruise ship is on a 19-day voyage through the Adriatic and the Mediterranean, has a capacity of up to 2,500 passengers, 1,096 cabins, 14 decks, and 607 crew members.

The excellent long-term cooperation of the City of Rijeka, the Tourist Board of the City of Rijeka and the Tourist Board of Kvarner together with the Rijeka Port Authority resulted in a quality offer and satisfaction of guests who come to the destination by cruise ships.


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