Fire in the Shrine in Marija Bistrica

Fire in the Shrine in Marija Bistrica

The most famous and most visited shrine of the Mother of God in Croatia, located among the gentle hills of Hrvatsko Zagorje, the National Shrine of the Mother of God of Bistrica burned in a big fire last night.

A large fire broke out in the courtyard of the Sanctuary, burning most of the sanctuary of the auxiliary building, and the youth hall burned completely. These are outbuildings, which are for the most part a great cultural asset and are located next to the MBB Basilica and the Sanctuary. There is not much left on the burning of the building in the Marija Bistrica shrine. But interestingly, two things survived this great fire: a wooden cross on a wall and a plastic statue of Mother of God.

Unfortunately, the sanctuary burned down 140 years ago when part of the church burned down, but the statue of the Mother of God of Bistrica remained intact even then.

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