Zlarin Outdoor Festival
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Zlarin Outdoor Festival

  • 21.05.2022. - 22.05.2022.
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Zlarin Island is one of the islands of the Šibenik archipelago. A small, peaceful and quiet Mediterranean settlement of stone houses. Zlarin is also known as the "green island" because it abounds in beautiful vineyards and olive groves. One of the islands that said NO to cars.

In 2019, the first Zlarin Outdoor Festival took place. The festival includes activities such as trail runs, kayaking, climbing and slack lines.

This weekend in Zlarin will gather those who like to paddle around the island in kayaks, who like to walk and run on the island's cliffs, climb rocks and balance on a rope. On this beautiful island you will find a great sports program, and you can spend the weekend with your friends, family, children because the program is suitable for all generations. During the two days of the festival, in addition to the mentioned disciplines for adults, under the expert supervision of instructors, various activities for the youngest adventurers will be organized on the speleo range.

The aim of the festival is to present the island of Zlarin to all nature lovers and adventurers who have not had the opportunity to visit it so far.

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