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Peljesac Bridge - countdown to the merging of Croatia
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Peljesac Bridge - countdown to the merging of Croatia

  • 28.07.2021. - 29.07.2021.
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What has long been just a dream is soon becoming a reality. The Peljesac bridge will be connected two months before the original deadline. The last final works on the connection of the north and south of Croatia are taking place.

On Wednesday, July 28, from Wednesday to Thursday at exactly midnight, the two parts of Croatia will be connected by the Peljesac Bridge. During the night hours of that day, the last of 165 segments of the steel load-bearing structure of the bridge, 18 meters long and weighing 220 tons, will be installed, which will be lifted by two cranes and placed between the S8 and S9 pillar places. This will connect the bridge in the full length of 2.4 kilometers, from Komarna to Brijesta on Peljesac. The connection of the bridge, and thus Croatia, will take place at a distance of 1500 meters from Komarna and 900 meters from Brijesta and will be marked by spectacular fireworks.

This will be followed by equipping the bridge, asphalting, and it is expected that all works on this most important infrastructure project in Croatia will be completed by the end of January 2022. The first cars over the Pelješac Bridge are expected in the spring of 2022.

Dubrovnik - Neretva County will no longer be divided by borders, and with road connections, economic progress is expected as well as great tourist progress. This is of immeasurable economic importance for Peljesac and Korcula.

The construction of the Peljesac Bridge will shorten the journey from Zagreb to Dubrovnik by about two hours.

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