International Children’s Festival in Šibenik
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International Children’s Festival in Šibenik

  • 18.06.2022. - 02.07.2022.
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The undoubted peculiarity of Croatian culture and a kind of trademark of Šibenik is the International Children's Festival, a unique and established Croatian cultural event in the world that has been held for six decades. During June until July 2nd, Šibenik  becomes a city of children  for the 62nd time, and celebrates children's imagination and creativity.

This year, too, Šibenik will host the children of the world, giving its streets to children's creativity and remind all its visitors how precious the world of children's play, joy and goodness is. During the festival days, Šibenik is one big open stage, a place of exciting meeting of poets and children. In numerous artistic and creative forms on the city streets and squares meet the whole world, representatives of cultures from all continents.

The festival has three basic programmes: a festival of domestic and international children’s ensembles, the workshop programme directly and publicly involving children in the act of creation, and the educational part where a symposium addresses issues such as aesthetic education of children. To those who never forget their playful side and even more so to those who have completely forgotten it, Šibenik should be an inevitable destination.

The concept and humanitarian goals of the Festival have the full support of UNICEF and UNESCO and the constant patronage of the President of the Republic of Croatia.

The stage at the Square of the Republic of Croatia, is already covered by recognizable blue color  we know. This is the wellknown  place where this Saturday, June 18, the 62nd International Children's Festival will be opened by the Zagreb Philharmonic  Orchestra. The musical performance "Finally the Orchestra" will be plaid. Šibenik night will be enhanced by firework.







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