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International Biodiversity Day and Nature Protection Day in Croatia
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International Biodiversity Day and Nature Protection Day in Croatia

  • 22.05.2022. - 22.05.2022.
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In 1992, the United Nations declared May 22 International Biodiversity Day to highlight biodiversity as a global value of inestimable importance to present and future generations. Each year, International Biodiversity Day is dedicated to one of the key topics related to biodiversity, such as agriculture, climate change, invasive alien species or forests. Biodiversity is the foundation for building natural solutions to climate and health challenges and for providing food, water and other necessities for life.

All signatory countries to the Convention, including Croatia, have committed themselves to taking measures necessary for the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity. This day is also celebrated in Croatia as Nature Protection Day.

This year's theme of the International Day for Biological Diversity "Our solutions are in nature" emphasizes that biodiversity is key to a sustainable future.

Zagreb ZOO celebrates that day with an educational program from 11 am to 5 pm, which invites you to the importance of preserving nature and biodiversity. Educators of the Zagreb ZOO will explain to visitors how diverse the living world is and why it is important to work on preserving local biodiversity. In the Zoo you can see many animal species that have a unique place in the fauna.

In the conservation of biological diversity, special care should be taken for small animals. One of them is a bee.

Reducing the number of bees has a negative impact on the plant world. That is why every bee sting should be taken extremely seriously. In the Zoo you will be able to peek into the life of bees through a glass hive with bees - apisarium.

Celebrate this special day in harmony with nature or in education at the Zagreb Zoo.

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