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Children ZOO, Zagreb, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

Camera info

  • Longitude 16.0238
  • Latitude 45.8228
  • Publicaton date 21. December 2016.


-3o C 70% 1039 hPa

Live streaming from a child's corner in the Zoo Zagreb. As you can see, this is one small part where live domestic animals.

It is intended for children, but also for all visitors who want to get in touch with animals and get rid of fear. Kids really love this part of ZOO, so many schools and kindergartens organize a visit to this place.

As we keep track of the ZOO happenings during the whole year, take a look at the gallery and you will be able to see animals surrounded by many visitors during the warmer months, but also their play and walk on the snow during the cold winter in Zagreb.

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