Croatia has a lot of successful athletes and among them there are the amazing rowers – golden brothers Sinković. Numerous successes have been achieved by the Sinković brothers in the duel discipline. After that they decided to throw away the oars and start rowing without them.

About Sinković brothers and their way to success

Valent Sinković was born in 1988 and he finished a Sports gymnasium after which he continued his education at the Training University. One year later, his younger brother, Martin, graduated at the Tourism University and then he started Aspira School for Sports Management in Split.

However, the younger brother started the rowing first.

Martin's first sports attempts were gymnastics and water polo, but most of his interest was on the rowing. He finally decided to dedicate in 1999. A year later, the older brother Valent left behind him the years of training football and gymnastics and also entered the world of rowing. The interest of rowing at both of them was awakened by their eldest brother Matija. At that time, all three brothers were trained at the Croatian Rowing Club 'Mladost'.

Otherwise, in that club, brothers are still training. From the beginning, the brothers have shown exceptional talent, as evidenced by the numerous medals won in Croatia, and shortly thereafter at the world level. Their first medal arrivd in 2000, and only six years later, Valent won the first silver in Amsterdam at the World Junior Championships.

In Beijing, in 2007, Martin won the bronze medal at the same championship. They took the title of the world champion in 2009. The huge successes of Sinković brothers were at the Olympic Games in London in 2012 from where they took their Olympic silver. But the guys did not stop there. Indeed, in 2013 and 2014, they were proclaimed as world champions.

It would be a really long list if all the prizes and medals of the brothers SInković would be highlighted, but as one of the most important accomplishments we can point out the State Award for Sports "Franjo Bučar" and Red Danica from Croatia, which goes to the hands only to top athletes for important merit in sports.

Sinković brothers are the first rowers in the duel discipline who crossed the 2 km in less than six minutes. Until then it was considered as absolutely impossible.

This success enrolled Sinković brothers on the world's rowing history page for the breaking record in this discipline.

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