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The busiest Zagreb road loop

The busiest Zagreb road loop

The busiest Zagreb road loop Držićeva-Slavonska is one of the most important intersections and entrances to the city of Zagreb and complex Zagreb traffic hub.

Most of it belongs to the city district of Trnje, while the southeastern quarter of the road loop belongs to the city district of Peščenica-Žitnjak., surrounded mainly by residential areas Kruge, Savica, Folnegovićevo naselje, Borovje, Trnje, etc. It is located at the intersection of Slavonska Avenue, an important city road that connects the eastern and western parts of the city and Marin Držić Avenue which connects the northern part of the city and the center with the southern parts of New Zagreb. The Držićeva-Slavonska road loop is a very noticeable traffic, built on three levels that dominates the space in terms of size and significance. It is one of the most important infrastructural construction encountered by passengers coming from the east of the country (motorways E70 and E65) towards the city center, ie the bus station. Both Držićeva and Slavonska in this part are two-lane in both directions, and in the area of ​​the loop in all directions there are additional traffic lanes for acceleration and deceleration. Marin Držić Avenue, and thus the road loop itself, is crossed by a tram line with trams on lines 6, 7, 8, 14. These lines can be used by direct public transport (from the Slavonska tram station) to reach the city center, but also to the western ones. ), eastern (Dubrava), but also southern parts of the city (Novi Zagreb).

In 2016, new modern lighting was activated on the loop, and then the previous large "mushrooms" were turned off, lighting on high poles, which was a trademark of the building.

The road loop was built in the 1970s of the 20th century, it was built by the renowned Zagreb construction company Tehnika.

For a full 50 years, the loop has been a special urban phenomenon and a symbol of the metropolitan side of Zagreb.

Through our webcam you can follow the situation in Zagreb traffic, especially during the big morning and afternoon rushour during the working week and thus choose the fastest direction to your location, avoid temporary delays or possible road work.

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