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Vukovar water tower right next to the world's most famous towers

Vukovar water tower right next to the world's most famous towers

Vukovar Water Tower has become a member of the World Federation of great towers (the International Organization brings together the world's most famous towers) and stands alongside the Empire State Building, Burj Khalifa, The Shard, Eiffel Tower and many others. The organization exists to help develop local and international opportunities to promote member towers and encourage networking, exchange of ideas and fruitful partnerships among the world's tower.

The World Organization for great towers brings together tall buildings that are open to visitors, so they have a tourist function, but they must also have a story, a certain historical value or something else that makes them significant. There were many criteria for joining the organization, but the most important are the historical significance and the existence of a viewpoint with access for all visitors. The World Federation of great towers recognized the renewed symbol of Vukovar's resistance and defense in the Homeland War when it suffered 640 deliberate rocket attacks. Vukovar Tower is listed among the 50 world-famous towers from about 20 countries. In its 59 m height, together with the mast, it has the symbolism of the creation of the Croatian modern state.

In October 2020, after more than three years of work, the Memorial Area "Vukovar Water Tower-Symbol of Croatian Unity" was ceremoniously opened , within which the renovated Water Tower took center stage. As a protected cultural asset of the Republic of Croatia, it has also become a tourist attraction.

It became a symbol of resistance and pride, but also of sacrifice. And the pride is to be among the strongest in the world!


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