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Days of remembrance of Oliver Dragojević

Days of remembrance of Oliver Dragojević

Tonight in Vela Luka, the fifth anniversary of the death of the legendary singer Oliver Dragojević.

Trace into infinity – Days of remembrance of Oliver Dragojevic refer to the week in which Vela Luka organizes concerts and exhibitions in memory of Oliver Dragojevic and his musical heritage.

Vela Luka is once again the place where a large number of fans, colleagues and friends of the Croatian music legend Oliver Dragojević will gather.

A rich music program and concert Trace into infinity in the center of Vela Luka live via our webccam.

Performers: Meri Cetinić, Danijela Martinović, Goran Karan, Hari Rončević, Marko Tolja, The Shades, Matija Cvek, Klapa Šufit, Natali Dizdar, Lorena Bućan, Jure Brkljača, Elvis Stanić.

A crowded center of people celebrating Oliver's image and work, celebrating the Croatian musician and honorary citizen of Vela Luka, bearer of the Golubica Municipality of Vela Luka - public recognition for his life's work.

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