Murter Summer Festival
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Murter Summer Festival

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What Murter raises during the summer in the top destination rankings is certainly the tendency to turn the whole placeinto a big stage with beaches, squares and streets. There is no corner that is not include into an attractive program, whether it's music, guest performances, art installations, theater or animation art performances.

The summer in Murter will be full of events this year, all thanks to the Murter Summer Festival, which starts in early July and ends in late August.

There is almost no day that is not filled with events, and during the 60 days island visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy music programs, theater performances, concerts and traditional products craft fairs.

There are two big projects as a place brands - Čigrađa Bay and MMS (Murter Music Street) project. 12 concerts of renowned Croatian performers will be held in Čigrađa bay. Saturdays are marked with the traditional MMS Murter Music Street which turns the center into a large open-air entertainment club and is closer to ten years of existence, unique in the region by its concept.  There are 9 events in the period from July 6 to August 31 this year: themed music nights, trash party, guest performances of the favorite Croatian DJs, solo concerts cover and tribute bands and music guest surprises. In addition to the popular concert scene, there will be a series of artistic performances, thematic exhibitions located in the indigenous setting of picturesque streets and squares.

If you want to enjoy watching some of the biggest local bands during your vacation, you have to visit Murter!

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