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Dragon's eye - a unique phenomenon of the beautiful Rogoznica

Dragon's eye - a unique phenomenon of the beautiful Rogoznica

If you're spending your holidays in Rogoznica, a wonderful tourist destination located halfway between Split and Šibenik, you just can't go home without visiting one of the largest hydrogeomorphologic phenomena ever. It is a Dragon's eye, or a lake near the marina Frapa, one of the most beautiful Adriatic marinas.

This specific lake and its 15-meter deep hide many interesting stories and legends about the heroes of Greek mythology, unusual beings like dragons, and even aliens! Below you will find what is hidden in the Dragon's Eye story so it has become the unavoidable destination of every tourist.

The legends recounted by many people

Among the many legends associated with this lake and being recounted from generation to generation, we decided to list a few that were particularly remembered in our memory.

The first legend says that in this area was the dragon Murin - the son of the god of Poseidon and goddess Hera. Since he was their illegitimate son, he set various threats and conditions. One of the conditions was to marry the most beautiful girl and kill her at the first wedding night.

However, one day Aristoles suddenly appear and he falls in love with the most beautiful girl. During their duel, the dragon was defeated and in moments of the last suffering with his claws he dug out his eyes. As he threw one eye behind the island of Mljet, another fell under him, dissolved the rocks, and that hollow filled with the sea.

The happy end of this legend awakened in the people the belief that every love couple who bathe in the Dragon's Eye would be happy and in love forever.

The second legend tells the story of two brothers and their inheritance struggle. One brother was blind and his other brother decided to cheat on him. The blind man did not trust his brother, and he uttered the words: "Let everything become a lake if you have unjustly divided!" And so it was.

And the third legend has arrived with newer and more modern times, and the aliens have taken the main role in this legend. Several people claim that the spacecraft has just collapsed here and that the aliens send their signals so that's why lake boils and all the flora and fauna simply dies on this place.


And what does the science say about Dragon's eye?

Of course, scientists have different theories from all legends. The hollow in this place was caused by the collapse of the cave, and after the last ice age, it was filled with water.

The Dragon's eye consists of several amazing colors. While the surface prevails blue and green, the central part is green and yellow.

And for the boiling of the lake, scientists say that it is not about dragon rising or about aliens signals, but about conditions where there is no oxygen due to which, among other things, the plant and animal world die.

If you are wondering whether you can swim in this lake - of course! Indeed, due to the exceptional warmth of the water, the lake is more than ideal for swimming, and all jumpers can enjoy the leaps from the surrounding rocks.


About the beautiful Rogoznica

And for the end, we just have to tell you something more about the beautiful destination where the Dragon's Eye is located. Rogoznica is an idyllic resort located in the heart of Dalmatia, and due to its relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere, impressive beaches and fantastic gastronomic offer Rogoznica has rightly taken the title of one of the best Dalmatian vacation destinations.

There is also the aforementioned marina Frapa, which sailors from all over the world simply adore. It is well-protected from winds from all sides, featuring 450 berths, swimming pool, conference hall and hotel.

If you prefer active holidays, enjoy the long walks, drive bike on landscaped biking trails, or try diving accompanied by trained professionals from several diving schools.

Take paper and pencil in your hands and add Rogoznica and Dragon's eye to your list of places you just have to visit!

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