Day of the city of Zagreb 2020.

Day of the city of Zagreb 2020.

Day of the city of Zagreb and its heavenly patron saint of the Mother of God from the Stone Gate is celebrated on May the 31st..

Although this time a completely different Zagreb, it proudly celebrates its day, celebrates its birthday with a special program and gives its fellow citizens and visitors three concerts: a concert by the Zagreb Soloists in the Music Pavilion on Zrinjevac, a concert as part of the "HNK in your neighborhood" project in Maksimir Park, and a concert near the fountain "My Zagreb tak imam te rad" performed by the Zagreb Philharmonic and Hauser.

"Its wrinkles became more pronounced in just 10 seconds, its face changed, its streets were deserted, empty, often lifeless. But its soul is eternal, its character is eternal. This is another Zagreb, but again the same one. The same Zagreb that attracts like a magnet with its enchanting beauty and character. Soon we will be watching life on its streets again, listening to smiles in its parks, huddling in its trams. Zagreb is temporarily on a break. But again, it will stand on its own two feet and become the Zagreb we all know.It will have scars, but the scars are there to remind us of what we are stronger than, what we have won. It will be our ZAGREB again. ”(Archive Face of the City).

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