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Perfect harmony of nature and art - Land Art Učka

Perfect harmony of nature and art - Land Art Učka

Učka Nature Park is full of natural beauties, but one small part of the park's uniqueness was influenced by man. But nature is not disturbed or destroyed as it usually happens when a man is "involved" in its harmony. Indeed, thanks to artist Boris Pacigoš, here appears unique combination of landscapes and art.

It is a „land art“ movement that is created in nature, and all the artworks are made exclusively of natural materials found on the spot such as ground, sand, stone, leaves, branches ...

The idea of ​​this great artist was to give Učka another special charm. And he really did it. People have been more interested in visiting the park, and finding and discovering land art works creates a unique experience because the art works are hidden in places where you least expect it.

During a walk along the 6.5 km long path through the beautiful pastures and forests of Ćićarija and four gazebos with an enchanting view of Istria, there are 20 land art works. Land art path Stražica-Sapaćica is easy path for those who are maybe not mountaineers and athletes. It is intended for all ages, so families with children and elder people can enjoy the walk, too.

The path tells a different story than the ones we are used to hear about the man's influence on nature. A positive human influence is emphasized here. The installation „Prints of Palms“ shows that there would be no mountain pastures and the diversity of the animal and vegetal world if man in this area did not cut down forests for a livestock and hay hunting. There are also other interesting works such as the Labyrinth, the Guard, the Red Tree, the Stone Forests and others, but we will let you discover all details by yourself .

The easy walk on trail will take about 3 hours, but we believe that your stay in the park will take longer. You will probably want to take photos of these specific artworks or simply have a long time of enjoyment in this little paradise on earth.

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