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Best Time to Visit Croatia

Best Time to Visit Croatia

Doing some research before starting your trip to any place is significant and can help you prepare an excellent itinerary of that country. The first thing we look for is the best time to visit and then about the famous spots. So, if you plan to visit Croatia this year and wonder the best time to visit then, this article can help you decide.

Visiting in the Summer

Visiting Croatia in summer is undoubtedly one of the best decisions you can make. Summer is the best time for people who love doing entertainment activities because Croatia offers many activities in summer. This time of the year is considered as the peak time of tourism in the country. Various people prefer visiting Croatia in summer so that they can enjoy the dry, hot weather. Many festivals and events like Zagreb’s International Folklore Festival, The Alka, and The International Puppet Theatre Festival are organized specially for the summer season.

Moreover, other activities like outdoor venues host music and food—swimming in the Ziati Rat Beach on the Island of Brač, the best beach in Croatia. You can also enjoy zip-lining and river rafting during this time. The zip line in Omiš is the fastest in Croatia, which runs at 65 km/h, and the Cetina River is famous for river rafting.

Visiting in the Winter

Summer is considered the preferable season while visiting Croatia because of the pristine sea, stunning beaches, and sunny days. Nevertheless, winters here aren’t any less magical, they are mesmerizing too. Croatia offers the best winter trip experience to feel the best Christmas atmosphere at award-winning Advent in Zagreb. There are great Christmas markets all over the country where you can shop local crafts, taste some local cuisine, and can also attend a few concerts. The significant advantage of visiting in winter is the cuisine of Croatia. You get a great chance to relish some traditional winter foods like Sarma Grah (bean Soup), Lupus, and various stews cooked over the fire. The Winter season also offers you the chance to enjoy skiing in the country. Mèdvednica mountain, located just north of Zagreb, is the best place to go skiing in Croatia.

Visiting the Cities

Visiting any country is incomplete without visiting a few of its top-rated cities. As in the case of Croatia, few of its cities are more popular than the country itself. One of the most popular is Dubrovnik, likely more popular than Croatia itself. Dubrovnik is a prominent tourist destination located in the southernmost town in Croatia. It has been a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site since 1979, noted for its pedestrian-only town and surrounding city walls. Additionally, Dubrovnik offers plenty villa stays, which will give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Villa Sigurata is the best amongst all in the city, where you will feel wrapped in the luxury of this villa.

After Dubrovnik, Split is another choice for tourists to stay for their vacations. Unlike Dubrovnik, Split is a perfect Mediterranean city that gives small-town vibes with noisy streets and markets. Split is a much-crowded place during the summertime of the year due to the large incoming of tourists.

Moving from the small town feels, the next best city to visit is the Zadar city. It is the most distinctive tourist destination, which offers an exceptional history and cultural heritage. Zadar is surrounded by historical monuments and hosts a significant archaeological and monumental treasury of ancient and medieval times. People who are more interested in history should visit Zadar city.

Lastly, another well-known city is the Kvarner city, located southwest of the national capital Zagreb County. It was named one of the best places to visit in 2020 by Lonely Planet Publications. Tourists who seek interest in peaceful places would love the monasteries of this city. Cities monasteries hold long historical importance, and there are many historic bridges available for sightseeing.

Visit with Family

Croatia is undoubtedly a perfect destination to visit with your family. Croatia offers beautiful beaches, scenic mountain hills, national parks, tasty cuisine, and a small trek for the people coming with their families. Although the whole year wouldn’t be very comfortable for the tourist with family, especially in the winters, which time is best?

Summers are the best if you are planning a family trip to Croatia. Unlike winters, the summer offers pleasant warm weather, where the average temperature remains around the freezing point. The national parks in the country have longer working hours during summer and can enjoy beaches properly. You can go to campsites in the country. Camping Stobrec in Split is one of the most enjoyed camping sites in the country and is highly recommended when you visit with family.

There are many luxurious holidays all over Croatia to pick from to spend quality time with your family members. Staying on the coast of the island is the best way to spend your time fashionably. The Palmizana Hotel, Near Hvar, is Croatia’s most fashionable island resort. It is considered as the exquisite choice for a stay with children. It has an open environment where you can indulge in nature and go down to the pebble beach, with no traffic but only peace and silence.

Visiting for Ocean Activities

If you are planning to visit Croatia, then Ocean activities must be already on your list. It is undoubtedly the best experience to dive inside the water with gigantic coral reefs or sail smoothly on the waves. Isn’t it?

Well, if you think the same, then Croatia isn’t going to disappoint you. The country has almost 1,000 islands and offers a significant number of water activities. Yachting and Scuba diving are amongst the top-rated activities that tourists love to relish during their stay. There are a few famous spots like Palmizana, Komiza, Lastovo, and the Blue Cave to get the best diving experience. Palmizana is also popular amongst the sailors, and most people enjoy yachting in this area. You can experience a calm sea with a gentle wind along a broad coastline in the turquoise blue colored, crystal-clear water.

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