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Zagreb is again hosting the best slalom skiers in the world

Zagreb is again hosting the best slalom skiers in the world

And this year too Zagreb becomes the central gathering place for the world's best slalom skiers and it will be the central place until at least 2021 until this slalom race in Sljeme in Zagreb is entered into the FIS calendar.

Always an attractive public launch of start numbers is held for the first time at the Ice Park skating rink on King Tomislav Square, and this year, the top 15 skiers  will also show their sliding skills because they will skate to their start number. Thus, this year's start-up program will be part of Zagreb Christmas time and promote not only the race but also Zagreb as an extraordinary winter tourist destination and contribute to further promotion of Zagreb Christmas time around the world.

Numbers drawings will be broadcasting while running the race itself, and the Sljeme image will re-navigate to all continents. The never-before-seen combination of residence in the main city and the Snow Queen Trophy race, just 30 minutes drive away, is a special feature of the city of Zagreb as host of this race.

Zagreb and Sljeme are more than ready to hold another great sport event, and cheering and support will surely not be missed, just as the Zagreb’s citizens already know! Great trail, wonderful atmosphere and great fan - all that the host city can wish for!

 You can watch live stream  of the public launch of starting numbers of Snow Queen Trophy, today and tomorrow on January 3rd and 4th via:

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