Zagreb continues to defend the title of the best Christmas destination in Europe

Zagreb continues to defend the title of the best Christmas destination in Europe

At winter, Zagreb turns into something special. If you ask locals, they will probably tell you that now is the right time to visit Zagreb and experience everything that our capital has to offer.

It is no accident that Zagreb has been selected for the best Christmas destination in Europe for two years in a row. Croats are the masters of hospitality and of course they can prepare a good party. The third year in a row, this year's Christmas in Zagreb, will be even bigger, brighter and better. On each corner you can  expect  a new surprise, everything is so close, great fun, boiled wine, Zagreb delicacies, you can wander in the city from morning till late in the night, so that you do not get tired and you are always thrilled again and again. As you walk, you will feel like you are in the movie. This year you will be able to listen to classical and Christmas music from Zagreb's balconies. So, if you hear the traditional Christmas songs performed on classical instruments, just look up and see where they come from. If you are still tired of wandering the city, stop in one of the most beautiful parks in Zagreb, where it all started - Zrinjevac!

The escape from everyday life in the park with the mall of 220 trees is equally magical in every season. However, only at Christmas time, a thousands of white lights lit up with special splendor and the old music pavilion became the destination of Christmas classics and waltz lovers. When do you think about Christmas, do you remember childhood and family gatherings around the Christmas tree, the sentimental Christmas music and the smell of grandma’s cakes? If you want to re-live it, then the Christmas location at Zrinjevac is the right place for you to enjoy the forgotten Zagreb specialties as well as the unique decorations and souvenirs of the selected artists.

During Christmas time, Zagreb is transformed into a picturesque, winter, marvelous forest with perfect photographic spots throughout the city. A favorite spot is definitely Plato Gradec, a part of Christmas at Klovićevi Dvori where you will come under a special frame to revive the true winter magic and with thousands of snowfales  make a perfect and unforgettable Christmas photo.

In addition to those well-known locations: Ice Park, Zrinjevac, European Square, Ban Jelačić Square, Fuliranje on Stross, Grič Tunnel, Klovićevi Dvori, Vranicani's Field, Live Christmas set up in front of the Cathedral church, stands in the city center, there are also new locations that will surely fascinate; Christmas at Prekrižje and in Marić's passage.

The opening Christmas ceremony  in Zagreb is on December 2nd and will be celebrate by the  lights on at Zrinjevac at 7.50pm, the candle burning  at Manduševac at 5 pm and all who will be  at 9pm on Jelačić square will be covered with snowflakes as in the real Christmas fairy!

Visit our capital in a Christmas garment and see why it is the best Christmas destination 3rd year in a row.

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