Wings for Life World Run 2018.

Wings for Life World Run 2018.

Wings for Life World Run is an event that runners do not miss, even the ones who are not runners do not miss it or those who have been became runners because of this race.

This year again, Zadar is host of the 5th edition of the Wings for Life World Run humanitarian event where more than 8500 runners will run for those who can not.

The race starts tomorrow at 13 pm in Croatia - all over the world, day or night, sun or rain, all will run together at the same time and with the same goal - to find a cure for spinal cord injury. The scenes of race from Zadar travel around the world every year as a great touristic postcard. The runners who arrived at Zadar’s start are coming from more than 30 countries, but Croatians make up almost 90% of all participants. And this year too in Zadar will gather people with incredible lifestyle stories, volunteers, recreationalists, professionals, people in a wheelchairs. And everyone will have the same goal. Wings for Life World Run is a global humanitarian race that runs at several locations all over the world. Everyone who participates in the race ends it for sure, because the goal is not in front of you, but goes for you.

One day and thousands of people. Thousands of kilometers and one goal - with a small contribution to make the world better.

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