Will the real winter come?

Will the real winter come?

The snow blizzard of Philomena encircled Madrid with snow and threw most of Spain into total collapse. In Madrid, snow did not fall for a decade, and the last similar blizzard occurred in 1971. Many do not remember this kind of snow blizzard that put the capital of Spain and the surrounding area with more than 6 million inhabitants in a blockade. Tomorrow the storm will move on, towards Italy and Croatia.

And some of our hills and mountains have already turned white, so many eager for winter joys hurried to the open ski resorts. The snowflakes lured many Zagreb’s residents this weekend as well. The snowy scenes brought back to childhood both those a little more caring times and those a little older, and of course, the children enjoyed it the most. While the Sljeme ski slopes are closed due to the epidemiological situation, sledding can be done on Činovnička meadow. And those who wanted to avoid the Sljeme crowds, could enjoy in their snow activities at Cmrok where an artificial sledging run has been open.

If there is not corona, there would be big crowds on the borders of our neighboring ski countries at this time. Thus faced with the corona crisis and strict measures, skiing and sledding enthusiasts have found domestic destinations.

Thus, Platak near Rijeka has become a substitute for famous European ski destinations. Thousands of snow lovers have been occupying it for days. Platak is an absolute hit, and people come from all over Croatia, from Dalmatia, through Istria to Slavonia. There is a big crowd because the ski resort and the cable car are open.

Prolonged school holidays, snow, and even the fear of earthquakes, directed many towards Lika and Gorski Kotar. Apartments and holiday homes for rent are filled to capacity.

The beautiful but cold Fužine is filled with visitors, currently there are 350 guests and there are no free capacities. All guests who came not only to Fužine, but to the entire Gorski Kotar, can enjoy a real winter idyll and have a real winter vacation. This weekend and the whole of next week, it is forecast to continue to snow.

So the Čelimbaša ski resort in Mrkopalj was opened, which also has a sledding run. Delnice, Mrkopalj, Skrad have new cross-country ski trails, in Delnice ice rink, sledding run on Petehovac, everything is full of content for all those who decide to spend the winter in this beautiful area. Gorski Kotar has become a great replacement for some foreign winter destinations.

While everyone enjoys in the winter in the fresh air, the crowds are so great that we appeal to remain responsible, wear masks, pay attention to the distance.

Spend the last week of school holidays as a family in the joys of winter in one of these beautiful Croatian destinations.

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