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Vinodar 2019  the most entertaining Wine Festival in Daruvar

Vinodar 2019 the most entertaining Wine Festival in Daruvar

Do you know that in a one glass of wine there are as many antioxidants as 20 cups of apple juice or 7 glasses of orange juice? Another reason not to miss this year's events at Vinodar in Daruvar!

Good wine lovers know that the Daruvar region has long been known for its superb grape varieties and good wines. Growing grapevines in these areas has a centuries-old tradition, since the gentle and sunny slopes of Papuk provide the ideal conditions for growing.

Vinodar is International Wine Exhibition and Fair of Traditional Products which is held for 21st time in a row.Vinodar is the most famous and most significant traditional manifestation of the City and its winemakers, which has been permanently held since 1999, which lasts for a week in period od 2nd to 9th of June. The rich offer of wines, traditional products, professional lectures and a lot of other entertainment events guarantee the arrival of a large number of visitors from all over the region, and will be accompanied by various educational, entertainment and cultural events.

The goal of Vinodar is to position the city of Daruvar on the Croatian tourist map as a place of good entertainment, rich in cultural, tourist and other attractions and attract more and more visitors (domestic and foreign) to the stay during which guests will use all the tourist services of the destination and promotion of the tradition of winegrowing end.

The first part of the week consists of a variety of professional lectures, field workshops, wine appraisals, round tables dedicated to vine production, wine production and preservation, and the wealth of wine, traditional products, professional lectures and many other entertainment.

The last weekend of the Vinodar turns main square into the center of events that offer visitors a rich gastronomic offer and a rich offer of local winemakers, brandy and various liqueurs. Traditional crafts, souvenirs and handicrafts will be presented. Every year, over 100 exhibitors participate in the Traditional Products fair as a part of Vinodar. To complete the experience on the main sqaure – the performances of international and domestic cultural and artistic companies that will show the richness and tradition of their region through folklore, dance and song will be presented. Evening hours are booked for concerts by famous Croatian musicians.

Visit Daruvar, enjoy the most precious wines, delicious homemade products, cheer yourself up with a rich entertainment and cultural art program, tasting golden and silver wines at Castle Janković.

More information can be found on the website of Tourist Board Daruvar.

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