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Two live pinna nobilis were found near Queen beach in Nin

Two live pinna nobilis were found near Queen beach in Nin

The longest and most famous beach in Nin, the Queen beach, which, according to the American Travel Channel, is at the very top of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

A beach that literally heals both soul and body. A legend is attached to the name of the beach: the beauty of the beach attracted the wife of the first Croatian king Tomislav, the beautiful Jelena. Therefore, when they came to Nin, they spent family moments on the beach right here, where Jelena discovered the benefits of the healing mud, which is registered as a seaside resort under medical supervision.

Just next to that beach, as part of the project "Preserving the pinna nobilis in the Adriatic Sea", two live pinna nobilis were recently found.

They protrude 12 centimeters from the sediment or sand. One of them is 11 and the other 13 centimeters above the sediment. Given that a third of their total height is still in the sediment, it is assumed that they are between three and four years old, which would mean their sexual maturity. Pinna nobilis are only 5 meters away from each other. Such a small distance between them is a prerequisite for their successful reproduction.

In the Croatian part of the Adriatic, 27 living individuals of the pinna nobilis have been confirmed so far. In the central Adriatic, 9 of them have been recorded in a relatively small area, so that part of the seabed stands out as a possible refuge for immune individuals of the pinna nobilis. Every living specimen of the noble feather found is precious. When adults are found in the sea, they stay there. At that location, a cage is placed to protect it from various predators and a yellow buoy with the symbol "Do not touch, pinna nobilis in the Adriatic" is placed on it. The condition of the pinna nobbilis in the Adriatic Sea is still critical and they are on the verge of extinction.

All information about seeing them can be reported to the address or via the online reporting form, which can be accessed via a link on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.

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