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The World cruiser in Croatia

The World cruiser in Croatia

In the port of Šibenik, through the channel of St. Ane was boarded by The World - the most luxurious private cruise ship in the world. According to a special request, it was granted an anchorage with the best view of the historic core. It is 196 meters long and has 165 apartments, from studio apartments to luxury apartments that can easily accommodate 12 people. Sails under the flag of the Bahamas.

What makes it unique is the fact that up to 200 people usually travel on it, and 280 crew members take care of them. The largest private cruise ship in the world is also special in that its owners are also tenants. They live on board and sail around the world, staying in ports for two to five days. The cruise ship is owned by 130 regular passengers from 40 countries, and future ports are negotiated with the captain. Some of them live permanently on the ship, and some join them on interesting trips. The shipping company operating the vessel is ResidenSea.

It is the only cruise ship in the world to have a full-size tennis court, its spa and fitness center covers 650 m2, it has a collection of 12,000 wines, it can land a helicopter, it has two swimming pools, a number of restaurants and bars and 12 decks. To buy the largest apartments, provided they are for sale, you need to set aside 13.5 million dollars (the starting price is 6 million dollars, but it never stays). Annually, an additional 60,000 to 300,000 dollars should be set aside per person for the maintenance of the ship, depending on which apartment you own. Madonna and Schwarzenegger have their own apartments here.

Since its launch in 2002, it has sailed to over 1,200 ports. Šibenik is his last Adriatic destination after Dubrovnik, Korčula and Vis, after which he will sail to Sicily.

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