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The project reconstruction of Znjan

The project reconstruction of Znjan

The project that changes the vision of the city of Split

The project of the reconstruction of Znjan have begun.

In the coming period, the Znjan area will be a large construction site where several parallel projects will take place.

The team of architects from the architectural bureau "Ante Kuzmanić" is responsible for the design. The works on all five phases overlap in time, and the contractor himself will determine the dynamics and order of the works, while the sixth phase will be carried out separately considering that it covers the area under the concession of Hotel Split.

The development of the coastal zone, the Znjan plateau, is planned in stages.

1st phase - coastal promenade (lungo mare with all the necessary infrastructure in the hull) and beaches spaces, so that the swimming pool continues to function in daily use

2nd phase - zone A and B project with three pavilion buildings, landscaping and underground garage and substation

3rd phase - completion of the promenade on the cape and the project of the building with the observation deck on the roof

f 4th phase - pavilion C-U2 project with landscaping of the entire zone C

5th phase - the project of six identical pavilion catering facilities along the promenade

6th phase - the project of decorating the coastal promenade in the area under the concession of Hotel Split.

The expected duration of the works is 289 days for all phases, except for the 2nd phase, which includes the construction of an underground garage with 530 parking spaces, and due to the complexity of the works, the deadline is 365 days.

Upon completion of the works, Znjan will have numerous public amenities such as a promenade, bicycle paths, landscaped beaches, children's playgrounds, various sports fields, as well as an amphitheater for cultural and musical events, and 11 pavilion catering-tourist-recreational buildings are also planned as well as various accompanying contents for visitors.

Znjan, after Marjan, will be the second largest green area in Split, with about 48,000 square meters of greenery, and in order to achieve this, 730 trees and palm trees and 12,815 autochthonous shrubs and perennials will be planted.

It is a year-round benefit project. Various recreational and other facilities will be available all twelve months of the year and, what is important to say, not only for our guests from all over the world, but equally and more for our fellow citizens.

Znjan will be one of the most beautiful and useful beaches in the entire Mediterranean. Znjan will be not only a beach but also a new big green oasis of Split. Along with Riva, Znjan will be the new living room of Split. In the summer, a beach with catering, sports and entertainment facilities for our fellow citizens and guests, and in the rest of the year, when the crowds will be less, an easily accessible location for rest, recreation, walks, various sports games, socializing, meetings, without problems with accessibility, parking.

You can follow all phases of the reconstruction on this mega construction site live through our two webcams provided by Hotel Amphora and Radisson hotels.

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