The Pelješac bridge takes its shape

The Pelješac bridge takes its shape

There are nine months left until the deadline for the construction of the Pelješac bridge near Neum, which will connect Dubrovnik region with the rest of Croatia. The Pelješac bridge is slowly taking it’s shape, and it has certainly changed the view of the Neretva coast.

We are getting closer to joining the two shores on the construction site of the Pelješac bridge. Steel from China has arrived and the construction site is working hard again. The steel structures of the bridge that were delayed are now anchored in the Mali Ston bay. It is a total of 3800 tons of elements, of which the narrowest two have 52 meters.

The contours of the bridge will change significantly when the first pillars are joined by steel structures. 12 pillars proudly protrude in the Neretva channel. There are currently 1,100 workers on the construction site of the Pelješac bridge. Works on access roads are also progressing, where contractors are currently working on excavations of the route and tunnels.

And when will we take a ride on the Pelješac bridge?

Traffic over the Pelješac bridge 2404 meters long will be possible before the completion of 30 kilometers of access roads, given the deadlines just before the tourist season 2022. So we will finally cross the road to Dubrovnik without stopping in Neum when the third and fourth phase, ie access roads across Pelješac and Komarna, were to be completed.

There is a lot of work, but the construction of the Pelješac bridge is going according to plan, despite the corona virus pandemic.

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