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The Pelješac bridge connects with the mainland

The Pelješac bridge connects with the mainland

The Pelješac Bridge, the most important infrastructure project in Croatia, has entered its final year of construction this year. The pillars above the sea surface outline the route of the future road, which could be completed by the end of 2021, and by the tourist season of 2022, it will be possible to travel on it.

Today follows an important step towards connecting the Croatian south with the rest of the country. The pillar of the Pelješac Bridge on land connects with the first one that springs from the sea. The assembly is on the connection of the span structure between the first two pillars on the land side, which will be connected by an element 52 meters long and weighing 587 tons.

The assembly and welding of the segments of the steel span structure continues. So far, 27 percent of the segments have been erected and installed, 44 out of a total of 165. The construction of access roads is also progressing. The 499-meter-long Kamenica tunnel was breached, and work is underway on the 488-meter-long Dumanja Jaruga I bridge. The longest tunnel in the entire project, Debeli Brijeg, 2.4 kilometers long, was also breached. Access roads should be completed by July 2022, so the interval between their opening to traffic and the complete completion of the Pelješac Bridge could be 6 months.

Although the bridge is still called the Pelješac Bridge, it is not certain that it will be named after it when it is finished. Among the various suggestions is to name it after the musical legend Oliver Dragojević.




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