The opening of the new Pula General Hospital

The opening of the new Pula General Hospital

The most important project of Istrian health care in the past 25 years, the newly built Pula General Hospital, will be open very soon.

After many years of waiting, Istria has a new, modern and well-equipped hospital, suitable for the 21st century and modeled on the most developed European regions. The project, worth 800 million kuna, in addition to construction, also includes equipping with the most modern medical equipment.

In January 2015, the long-awaited construction of the new General Hospital, ie two buildings, began. Completion of the hospital’s construction is planned for early January 2018, but that deadline has been postponed as some of the facilities that have been adapted were in poorer condition than originally estimated. The repeated extension of the completion deadline is a direct consequence of the covid-19 pandemic. In December 2021, the Pula General Hospital received a use permit for the entire project of building a new hospital.

In Building I is a modern inpatient hospital with 10 operating rooms with 10 beds in shock rooms, a delivery room with 3 boxes and one emergency room, first aid with 16 beds, pathology with 3 autopsy tables, hospital pharmacy and laboratory, laundry laundry with a daily capacity of 3,500 kilograms and central sterilization with a capacity of 6,600 liters of sterile material.

In Building II, which in addition to the existing 3,300 got another 7,500 square meters, there is a day hospital with 71 beds, of which 28 for hemodialysis, 2 operating rooms for the so-called. day surgery and a polyclinic with 80 specialist teams and 47 doctor's offices. Under the same roof are nuclear medicine and gamma diagnostics, physical medicine and the Center for Diabetes and Oncology.

The hospital won the “The Hand Hygiene Excellence Award (HHEA)” competition for the Europe region.



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