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The new viewpoint on Sljeme

The new viewpoint on Sljeme

The Sljeme Tower, one of the symbols of Zagreb, the trademark of Medvednica and the highest point above the Croatian capital, from whose vantage point there is a panoramic view of the entire city and Hrvatsko Zagorje all the way to the Slovenian Alps, is open to the public.

It is only 50 m away from the upper station of the new, modern Sljeme Cable Car.

The Sljeme 360 viewpoint is located at 1118 m above sea level, i.e. 81.5 m from the ground.

In this first phase, only the open terrace is available to the public and it is only the beginning of the offer. Below is the arrangement of the terrace/observatory, which is located just below the open terrace, and the space for events on two floors.

The safety of visitors to the lookout point is a priority, they are accompanied by an escort who takes care of their safety and explains to them what they can see from the lookout point. In the near future, the plan is to open a ZIP line, which would be the longest ZIP line in Europe, a distance of 3,340 m, and would go from the top of Sljeme to Medvedgrad, and the climbing rock.

Let us recall;

the company OIV Towers Com signed a contract to lease the office space of the part of the tower on Sljeme, consisting of four floors, each of which will have a separate story, for 15 years, which reopens the possibility of carrying out tourist activities in that area, and citizens and tourists have access to the tower with an attractive view. Maximum use of the space of probably the most famous concrete building for transmitting television signals in Croatia. OiV tower Sljeme was built in 1976, and in addition to its basic function of transmitting television and radio signals, it was also open to the public for a short time during the 1980s. Since the development of technology brought about a reduction in the volume of necessary technological equipment and the need for space itself, the facility has been automated since January 2020, and some parts of the tower have been repurposed and a renovation project was launched, during which work was done on the energy and renovation of the reinforced concrete structure. This fulfills the prerequisites for the possibility of monetizing the unused part of the space that is no longer needed by the OIV to perform its core activities.

One of the stages is the Museum of the greatest successes of Croatian sport.

Part of the inspiration for the reconstruction of the tower came from world-famous viewpoints, such as the one in Berlin or Kuala Lumpur. The highest point in the city or, if it is a plain area, the center of a certain metropolis are most often the locations of the towers, and visitors can't wait to climb them.

Except Sljeme, OiV is the owner of well-known attractive locations in Psunj, Učka, Biokovo, Labinštica and Lička Plješivica, next to which there are facilities that can be used for hospitality and tourism purposes.

Zagreb got a new tourist attraction at the top of Sljeme.

 OIV toranj Sljeme


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