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The most expensive warship in history arrives in the port of Split

The most expensive warship in history arrives in the port of Split

The newest and most advanced American nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, will sail into the Split waters tomorrow and will be anchored in the Split harbor for the next three days.

Final preparations are being made at the customs dock of the Split ferry port while the US Navy is monitoring everything.It is not the first time that the US Navy is in Split.Even today, it is a routine visit for the rest of the crew.

It is the newest and most advanced American aircraft carrier that set off on its way to Europe in October last year, and recently sailed into the Mediterranean.

This pride of the US Navy, named after the 38th US President Gerald R. Ford, is the latest hit of technology in the field of the Navy and deck aviation as it contains numerous innovations. USS Gerald R. Ford, classification code CVN-78, is the first in a series of new generation supercarriers of the Ford class. The letters CV in the name indicate that it is an aircraft carrier, N indicates the ship's nuclear propulsion, while the number indicates the ship's serial number. The number 78 indicates that it is the 78th aircraft carrier in the history of the US Navy. It is 333 m long and 76 m high and weighs 100,000 tons under full load, but has a significantly smaller number of crew and military personnel in charge of combat aircraft.

The new carrier is capable of carrying up to 75 aircraft, as well as multipurpose helicopters and numerous types of unmanned aerial vehicles, can launch a variety of aircraft with short take-off and vertical landing, and uses the most modern electromagnetic system for launching combat aircraft EMALS. It also has dual-band radar, a more advanced radar system, and is the only first-class carrier to have this type of radar. It is powered by two Bechtel type A1B nuclear reactors and ensures a maximum speed of 30 knots, or 56 kilometers per hour.

The USS Gerald F. Ford is also known as the most expensive warship in history.

Split is preparing to welcome as many as 5,000 sailors, and everyone is hoping for good earnings. From restaurants, cafes, apartment renters, excursion organizers and boat renters. A boost before the real season in Split comes in handy. The sailors will walk through beautiful Split, but this time civilians will be able to observe the aircraft carrier only from the shore.

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