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The most beautiful Advent on the Adriatic islands

The most beautiful Advent on the Adriatic islands

The most beautiful island advent on the island of luck - Rab! Nostalgia, the sea, the escape from the cold is the best choice for a romantic Christmas getaway.

From now on until the New Year's Eve street and squares of Rab are places where the Christmas spirit is cheerful than anywhere on the coast. Every Sunday the Christmas candle is lightening, concerts are held, visitors are ice sliding, the streets are full of candlelight and this Christmas on the Adriatic coast is simply not to be missed!

The most beautiful island advent of magic is that Rab has to offer through events of a dynamic December. With beautiful landscaping at individual city locations, the events offer for everyone something special with a special emphasis on a rich kids' and concert program.

Make sure you use three webcams that are working all the time. There you can always check out how it looks alive and convince how many different events Rab can offer. That's why you could afford this romantic, fun and glorious Christmas in the Most Beautiful Advent of this Winter!

The gates of the holiday fever on the island of luck will open on the very first Christmas Saturday.

There are numerous attractions which can be experienced only during Advent on the island of Rab. You can buy local Christmas gifts and dance on ice on the unique skating rink on the island. Have a great ride with your children on the Christmas-New Year’s train. A special event for children is the arrival of Santa Claus, particularly when he descends from the sky by parachute! Another great event is the gathering of dozens of motorcyclists dressed as Santas on Rab waterfront.

At the Christmas stage at the Municipium Arba Square, dance and sing with the most famous bands.

The city of Rab this year, for the fourth time in a row, wants to win the title of the best organized island advent. Make sure it deserved to carry that title so far and choose Rab as your Christmas destination!


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