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The Grič cannon is active again

The Grič cannon is active again

The Grič cannon was again in Zagreb on Valentine's Day alone, marking noon with a shot after a break of more than a year, 413 days precisely.

The shot from the Grič cannon, which marks noon in the metropolis, was not heard from the Petrinja earthquake due to fear of damage to the Lotršćak Tower. The shooting from the cannon was paused even after the Zagreb earthquake, and the cannon sounded again on May 11, 2020.

The Grič cannon is one of the famous Zagreb sights and important tourist attractions with a tradition of more than 140 years. The Grič cannon is located in the medieval Lotrščak tower, which dates from the 13th century. The bell in it served as a warning to the citizens that the upper city gates were closing. Every evening at 8pm or 9pm (depending on the season) the bell reminded residents to return to their homes. The first marking of noon took place on January 1, 1877, at the initiative of the city councilor Đuro Deželić. Originally, the cannon was located in the building of the Hydrometeorological Institute. He rested throughout the First World War, until 1928.

Probably everyone already knows the legend of the Grič cannon, which says that in the 16th century the people of Zagreb aimed the cannon barrel over the Sava, where the Turks, led by Hasan Pasha, spread along the coast. Tents, music and feasting were hints of problems but also provocations. When the Grič cannon fired, he hit the rooster on a silver platter and ruined their joy, after which they fled.

This is just a well-known legend, but the truth is much different. In 1876, City Councilor Đuro Deželić proposed that money be set aside for the purchase of a cannon in order to match the clocks. At that time, church bells would ring at noon, but often each in its own rhythm, a few minutes apart. When the cannon exploded at noon everyone would know it was time to go (home) for lunch. The proposal was accepted and the cannon resounded for the first time on New Year's Day, January 1, 1877.

We can say for sure that by shooting at noon from Gričk cannon, Zagreb is slowly but surely returning to the "old normal"!



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