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The carnival in Novi Vinodolski

The carnival in Novi Vinodolski

The specificity of carnival in Novi Vinodolski is that it proudly carry the title of Immaterial Cultural Property of the Republic of Croatia, thus joining similar habits from the island of Lastovo or from the Kastav region.

We can freely place it on the forehead of the carnival tradition of Vinodol, Primorje and whole Croatia.

The place of carnival is the streets of the old town with the central city square.

The time of the carnival is the period of the last three carnival Thursdays closing with Ash Wednesday.

The action takes place during the three mentioned Thursdays, first carnival Sunday, each carnival Saturday and Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. During each day there are specific carnival folk customs with many participants, specific carnival music and participants are wearing specific folk costume.

Beside carnival entertainment and fun in the Cultural house in Novi from where you could watch live stream, also there will be children carnival parade.

Is this year just a coincidence that a celebration starts just on Valentine's Day or is it just an obvious sign that people from Novi Vinodolski are in love with their folk custom, judge yourself.

You can find Novi Vinodolski carnival program here.


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