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The award Simply the best arrived in Nin

The award Simply the best arrived in Nin

In addition to professional content and active socializing of participants, the annual awards for quality, inventiveness and creativity in tourism "Simply the best" are awarded. The award was established in 2009 and is jointly awarded by UHPA and the specialized tourist magazine "Way to Croatia", and in 6 categories: Catering, Events, New projects, Travel agencies, Special recognitions for contributing to the development of tourist destination and Person of the Year.

The Tourist Board of Nin is the winner of the annual tourist award "SIMPLY THE BEST 2021" in the category of new tourist products in tourism awarded by UHPA - Association of Travel Agencies and the magazine Way to Croatia. "Simply the best" is a traditional annual award for quality, inventiveness and creativity in tourism. The award was received for the project "Follow in my footsteps", as in 2021 was the official name of a series of free costumed tourist tours of the royal city of Nin through the role of the poet Zoranić, accompanied by the villa Hrvatica.

Despite the Covid 19 pandemic, carefully organized, with the application of prescribed measures costumed tourist guides in the role of Petar Zoranić Ninjanin and Villa Hrvatica in the pre-season and post-season and during the main season performed a series of guided tours in which they performed a performance from the Croatian novel "Mountains" in several places .

This Living history program as a new tourist experience of a quality level was recognized by tourism professionals, so the Simply the best award arrived in Nin.

Tourist employees from the Nin Tourist Board Marija Dejanović and Ana Glavan, and the tourist agency "Nin turizam" Kristijan Čvrljević participated in the business part of the annual gathering of the Tourist Exchange PUT which aims to meet the bearers of supply and demand for tourist services and present the content and news in tourism.

This year, a total of 38 awards were presented. This year's 22nd gathering was held in Selce hosted by the Crikvenica Tourist Board, which gathered about 180 employees of agency business, tourist boards, hotels, tourism providers, tourism journalists and other important tourism entities from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.



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