The autumn Bacchanals in Vodice

The autumn Bacchanals in Vodice

Not far from Vodice, in the archeological site of Velika Mrdakovica in the hinterland of Vodice or on the Croatian Mikena, as popularly referred to, on Saturday, September 22 will be held The Autumn Bacchanals, which are traditionally organized by the Tourist Board and the Open University Vodice.

The historic spectacle at the Roman Cistern will present the part of life that was lived more than two thousand years ago, who were people who had lived in ancient times in this area, how they lived and what they left us. Visitors will feel the spirit of antiquity with plenty of food and wine made from the old-fashioned recipe - a true historical remake.

The Bacchanals were so much interested visitors, that they are organized twice a year - in June and September.

The program changes every year so if you once experience The Bacchanals, it will be equally interesting to you every other time.

Traditionally, they offer traditional gastronomic delicacies, antique customs related to agricultural works, various antique performances, Roman music, mystical Roman dance of Vestal women, the arrival of Roman legends, crafts of the ancient Romans.

And what you can expect this year at Bacchanals will be a little, sweet secret that you will discover if you visit Velika Mrdakovica on September 22nd. One thing is for sure, the experience you will feel in a beautiful ambiance that exudes the past will definitely enthuse you!


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