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Sljeme cable car

Sljeme cable car

The Zagreb cable car has worked flawlessly for decades. It had 90 cabins and transported 450 people per hour, it had only one accident in 1973 during a storm when people had to be evacuated from such cabins. A malfunction of one of the traction electric motors, which did not pay to be repaired, occurred in 2007, and the cable car was stopped on June 30th the same year.

The new Sljeme cable car is in the last phase of construction. Although the cable car should open its doors soon and launch new gondolas, its opening has been delayed several times already.

The first rides on the Sljeme cable car are expected in October. The ride to the upper station should take 16 minutes, at a speed of about 20 km / h. 1500 passengers will be able to be transported in one hour. The building below the station will be equipped with underground garages on two floors with more than 200 parking spaces. The route of the new cable car will be illuminated, covered by video surveillance and audio system, while the cabins will be equipped with heated seats, lighting, wireless internet (Wi-Fi) and preparation of installations for video surveillance. The cabins are also equipped with ski and snowboard racks. The Sljeme cable car will be 5,017 meters long. The starting point at the location Dolje will be at 276 meters above sea level, and the upper station will be at 1030.42 meters at Viewpoint. It will have 84 cabins with 10 seats each. The Zagreb cable car is one of the most expensive in the world, although it is not nearly the longest, but it is one of the longest in Europe. The price of a ticket could be the reason most still walk or ride a bike.

Given the many delays so far, we look forward to the opening in October.

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