Šibenik dance festival - 2018

Šibenik dance festival - 2018

The eighth edition of the Šibenik Dance Festival this year begins on July 23rd at the most beautiful stage of Dalmatia - on the Fortress of St. Michael.

All lovers of dance art have the opportunity to enjoy in the top moves and dance steps organized by the Dance Association 'Sjene' in cooperation with the Tourist Board and the City of Šibenik.

Šibenik has become a dance floor for numerous dancers. Dance floors will be at the most attractive locations of the city – Fortress of St. Mihovil, Fortress Barone, Square of Croatian Republic near the cathedral of St. James and the Croatian National Theater.

The Šibenik Dance Festival this year begins on July 23 at the Fortress of St. Michael with a spectacular opening in two parts. The first performance is 'The Edge', which is a fantastic piece by Macedonian dancer Igor Kirov and after that you can enjoy in ballet 'Karmen'  performed by the National Ballet from Pečuh.

The second day of the festival will take place at the Croatian National Theater.

The evening will begin with the performance of Modus dance studio  from Zagreb with the choreography 'Connection for the future'.

The next performance will be performance of Ognjen Vučinić 'For four', produced by Masa Dance Company.

The third day  will also be in the theatre where you will be able to enjoy at Balcan Dance Project Vol 3.

That same evening you can enjoy an extremely interesting program that will take place in  the Croatian National Theater at 21 o'clock. It will start with the top performances of Ballet Study of Croatian National Theater Split and  the 'Ritual consciousness' performed by the Contemporary Dance Study Teuta from Čakovec.

The fourth day you can enjoy the energetic performance 'Duet Inoffensivo' of Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc from Rijeka.

After that, it will be the third part of the Balkan Dance Project inspired by traditional music called  'Why you aren't here'.

Next to the cathedral of St. James will be presented the dance fantasy 'Dance, pray, live!' performed by an artistic organization by Ilijana Lončar.

'Transition Dance Company' will make the next amazing show  that night and after that there is gonna be choreography 'Summa summarum – Iuventus ventus' by Vera Mitrović Vrbanec.

Again on Barone, on July 27, you can expect a real dance show 'One (s) 4all' performed by a highly talented Laura Lončar.

After the fantastic Laura, you will enjoy the choreography of Aleksandra Ilić 'Four Songs.'

In the square in front of the cathedral of St. James you will be able to enjoy the dance show '1924' of Balcan Dance Projection and choreography by Sanja Peterovski called 'Koreofrenia'.

At the closing of the festival, there are gonna be presentations of the festival dance workshops and the performance 'Friends forever' of Šibenik Dance Theater 'Sjene'.

You  will also have the opportunity to enjoy the film dance program that will be presented in front of Barcode Bar from 24 to 27 July.

In the congress hall of the Secondary Technical School from July 24 to 28 will be organized dance master class seminars and children's workshops.

The Šibenik Dance Festival is the only festival that offers a full-length dance program and dance education for young dancers.

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