Salt festival in Ston

Salt festival in Ston

On the peninsula Pelješac lies Ston, a town of rich and exciting history. Ston has history written in salt and stone. Because of its geographic position, the Ston and it’s salt mines located at the beginning of the peninsula Pelješac, at the place with a rich gastro-delicacy oysters, at the door of the Wine Valley of Pelješac, have a lot of potentials for the development of additional contents that will attract visitors from all over the peninsula as well as beyond.

The idea of creating a festival in the Ston area was inspired by the story of salt and the Dubrovnik Republic, which based its progress on, among others, on the production and trade of this important product as food. Ston’s salt mine, unchanged since the 14th century, was the strategic economic point of the Dubrovnik Republic, while today it is an important economic entity and a unique monument of culture and tourist attraction. Ston’s salt mines are the oldest in Europe and are the largest preserved in the history of the Mediterranean. The tradition of salt extraction has been transmitted for 4,000 years and since then, salt is produced in the same way only by the sea, sun and wind. During the Dubrovnik Republic the salt had great importance for the Republic and they called it "white gold". Salt mine is the reason why the walls have been built, so salt deserves its festival and be in the center of attention as it was in the 14th century. The salt harvest, which is made in Ston’s salt mine in a historic way every year, also represents a special tourist attraction and captures the visitor's attention.

So this year, for the second time from August 30 to September 2, Salt festivale is organized - a multimedia event that affirms the existing capacities and comparative advantages of this area and traditional products. Apart from tasting the Pelješac specialties and wines, visitors will be able to enjoy concerts and music evenings, performances, lectures and exhibitions, art workshops. All days of festivals will also feature a traditional products fair - the Croatian island product of Pelješac.              

Be sure to visit this unique event!

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