Russian megayacht seized in Rijeka

Russian megayacht seized in Rijeka

A brutal strike to Russian oligarchs

European sanctions target more than 500 Russian individuals or legal entities, whose assets and economic resources must be gradually frozen. Specifically, the EU has blocked the assets of a number of political officials, oligarchs and members of their families.

For the same reason, the Royal Romance yacht owned by billionaire and politician Viktor Medvedcuk, a Ukrainian politician and close friend of Putin, was seized in Rijeka, which means that the yacht will not be able to leave the Rijeka berth. Police have been protecting Russian-owned crews and ships anchored in the port of Rijeka for some time. Viktor Medvecuk is the leader of the pro-Russian opposition in Ukraine and a likely candidate for president of Ukraine's puppet government if Putin succeeds in overthrowing the government there. He is accused of betraying and looting state property in Krim.

The Royal Romance megayacht is a 92 meter long yacht and has been stationed in Rijeka for some time. You can watch it live on our two webcams in Rijeka.

The most important yacht Lady M, worth 65 million euros owned by Alexei Mordasov, and the yacht Lena, worth about 50 million euros owned by billionaire Gennady Timsenko.

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovic also found himself in trouble. His 140-meter-long Solaris superyacht, worth more than 400m euros, sailed from Barcelona to the Montenegrin port of Tivat, where it was moored for two days, and is now heading for Turkey.

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