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Restoration  of Erdödy Castle in Jastrebarsko

Restoration of Erdödy Castle in Jastrebarsko

The long-awaited works on the restoration of Erdödy Castle, one of the most beautiful and recognizable symbols of Jaska, began at the end of July.

Jastrebarsko is one of the few towns in Croatia that firmly decided to take care of its tradition and heritage and accept the demanding renovation of an extremely important cultural heritage monument. Erdödy Castle has been in a state of disrepair since the late 1980s. Although at the beginning of the 1990s there were attempts at reconstruction and the restoration of certain parts of the building was started, it was not completed.

The project includes the renovation and revitalization of the inadequately used and abandoned building of the Erdödy castle, a protected cultural property, and the construction of a parking lot that ensures adequate access to the castle and the park.

After the completion of the castle renovation work, at least 80% of the castle's surface will be available to the public, while 20% of the building will be available for commercial use. The ground floor is designed as an area for communication with visitors, and there will be an information desk, a souvenir shop and areas for associations, and a catering facility will also be opened. There is also an area planned for presentations, promotions and occasional tastings where sommelier courses and smaller educational gastronomic events will be held.

The first floor is intended for housing the city administration, while the second floor of the northern part of the castle and the attic space in the southern part are intended for the needs of the historical and ethnographic museum. On the third floor, there will be a multipurpose space that will be used as a town hall, but also for a number of other contents. Here, smaller spaces will be used for various workshops. The atrium of the castle itself will be used for cultural and entertainment events.

The park around the Erdödy castle is arranged in accordance with the adopted plan and strategy, and in accordance with the principles and criteria for the restoration of historical gardens and parks.The works will last until the end of 2023.

Erdödy Castle soon will be a must-see location!

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