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Renaissance Festival in Koprivnica

Renaissance Festival in Koprivnica

The 13th historical Mega Spectacle, the most significant Croatian medieval festival and one of our favorite events in our country. We can freely say that the Renaissance festival in Koprivnica, is the biggest spectacle of "live scenes" from the past in this part of Europe that returns visitors to the 15th and 16th centuries, reconstructs the period 656 years ago when Koprivnica became the Free Royal City.

Numerous attractions bring the visitors back to a long time in the past, which mostly demostrate the medieval crafts, knights, kings and ladies, courtiers, alchemists, peasants , musicians, chefs who cook food on the spot by medieval recipes, and drinks only from that time and from red and pottery glasses to make the atmosphere as authentic as possible. Royal chefs at the Renaissance Festival will store delicacies that you rarely have a chance to try, and with meat specialties you will also be able to try specialties of nettle - a plant that Koprivnica was named.

More than 1000 costumed participants from 15 different countries will delight you. The entire renaissance ramparts are transformed into a medieval settlement, full of tents, towers, siege devices, camps and costumed inhabitants.

One of the most popular and most frightening attractions of the Renaissance Festival is the village of lepers. Knight games, renaissance games and dances are also part of this year's festival. The most recent attraction of the Renaissance Festival is a large wooden labyrinth waiting for visitors to lose, find, entertain and meet the surprises. The theme of this year's festival is the the secrets of iron.

The event starts at 11 am in the center of the city on Zrinski Square from where the Royals with a companion of many knights in a magnificent procession will go to the Koprivnica’s walls. Then King Ludwig The First Angler with his Queen will declare Koprivnica free royal town with freedom of trade! The festival lasts long into the night, when the whole scene becomes an imposing moonlight scene, and the staged night-attack on the city that sparkles with hundreds of torches remains in memory.

Come and do not miss a unique opportunity to experience the fascinating Middle Age and Renaissance time in Koprivnica!

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